• Supportive supervision visit
    To WORTH YETU group.
  • Money Management Training
    To livehood Volunteers.
  • WORTH YETU income generating activity
  • Agyw receiving tomshoes after graduation of sbcc sessions in Iyenze ward

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According to TADEPA's Constitution Article Five (5) The membership of TADEPA shall be open to individuals and Registered Organizations/CBOs that abide to the constitution of TADEPA.

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Vision Statement

Healthy, Wealthy and Just Community.

Mission Statement

An organization committed to enable the community particularly vulnerable segment of population in Tanzania to improve their livelihood through active participation in development work.

Core Values

The concept of practice carries underlying values that denote and promote both integrity and proficiency in any specific field of engagement.

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Welcome To TADEPA Official Website.

Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA) is a Tanzania non-governmental organization (NGO) with neutral offices in Kagera region was formed and registered in 1997 under the Trustees Incorporation Ordnance of 1956. TADEPA acquired a certificate of compliance of June 2005 under the new Tanzania NGO Act of 2002 and in 2009 TADEPA was mandated to work in Tanzania mainland.

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TADEPA shall at all times uphold as one of its core values, full openness to its members, beneficiaries and partners, with respect to its processes, operations, actions and outcomes.

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TADEPA shall at all times uphold as one of its core values accountability to its members, the intended beneficiaries and the donor community.

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Fair Dealing

TADEPA is committed to the Value of fair dealing and will not be party to exploitative arrangements that do not take cognizance of this value and that do not respect the rights of all parties and their target communities.

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Dr. James Barongo

The Executive Director

Ms. Angella Ngaiza

Finance Officer

Ms. Penina Petro

Programme Manager

Ms. Velonica Mabala

Kahama Branch Manager


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