TADEPA - About Us

TADEPA Overview

Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA) is a Tanzania non-governmental organization (NGO) with neutral offices in Kagera region was formed and registered in 1997 under the Trustees Incorporation Ordnance of 1956. TADEPA acquired a certificate of compliance of June 2005 under the new Tanzania NGO Act of 2002 and in 2009 TADEPA was mandated to work in Tanzania mainland. The main purpose of TADEPA is to enhance development in totality and fight against HIV/AIDS and its integrated effects. TADEPA’s approaches are through participation of beneficiaries in the identification of their problems and look for solutions. TADEPA has been running different interventions since 2001 with remarkable achievements and impacts. TADEPA has a proven record of accomplishing different projects through involvement and participation of community members.

TADEPA's Vision

  • Healthy, Wealthy and Just Community

TADEPA's Mission

  • An organization committed to enable the community particularly vulnerable segment of population in Tanzania to improve their livelihood through active participation in development work

TADEPA's Objectives

  • To improve the quality of lives and care services among HIV/AIDS community members through provision of comprehensive prevention and care services.
  • To ensure the availability of legal rights and properties ownership among the vulnerable people such as women (widow) children (orphans) and Grand Parents through human rights advocacy.
  • To promote Public Health care programme with a wide range of community development approaches.
  • To promote social, economic and cultural sustainable development within the society through economic empowerment, sustainable agriculture, and good governance.
  • To develop and implement programmes that give assistance to children particularly Most Vulnerable Children (MVCs) and other poverty traumatized families with basic support.
  • To ensure environmental conservation through appropriate environmental conservation means
  • To ensure the survival of TADEPA through different strategies for its sustainability in order to achieve the rest of its objective.

TADEPA’s Status and Accomplishment

TADEPA has a proven record of accomplishments of working with community members and other stakeholder in Kagera region. We have trained community volunteers for hard to reach groups including in and out of school youths, community leaders and high-risk localities such as the fishing communities along Lake Victoria and its borders. "We promote human rights for children (orphans) and women (widows) through women empowerment programmes and gender balance advocacy." We promote human rights for children (orphans) and women (widows) through women empowerment programmes and gender balance advocacy. We do not only train members of the community, but also professionals such as teachers, religious leaders, health workers and government employees. Other stakeholders at district, regional and national levels have nominated TADEPA to develop interventions in Kagera region.

TADEPA intervention targets high risk in hard reaching population and marginalized people. This includes fishing population, Miners’ population, Borders population, MARPs, Sexual commercial workers, Drug abusers, Youth groups, Prisoners and General Population. Other vulnerable groups which are reached by TADEPA are Food in secured people, people being faced by Poverty, Illiteracy, Orphans, Widow/ Widowers, Health insecurity, Rural remoteness people who Lack basic social services, the situation which affect poor peasants. Moreover these people have been affected by climate change which leads to lack of service such as safe water and sanitation. Also poor housing, poor farming techniques and poor access to education information are among the problems facing the beneficiaries we work with. Specifically in Kagera region which is the main quarter of the Organization, the region and its inhabitants are characterized with the following features "TADEPA’s achievements can be observed in two levels, at organization and programme implementation levels." TADEPA’s achievements can be observed in two levels, at organization and programme implementation levels. Under organization level TADEPA has encountered various achievements that are proud of and confident with to be said to other people. One of the notable achievements is staff retention. TADEPA has managed to retain her important staff such as Administrator Cum Accountant for 10 years, the Programmes manager for 8 years and other workers who have remained with TADEPA for a more that five time.In programme implementation TADEPA has several achievements especially through implementation of various programmes such as HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care,Care and Support of Most Vulnerable Children, Education provision in Malaria behavioral change, advocating right of children, women and promotion of equity, nutrition and food security promotion for PLWHA,Promotion of sustainable Agriculture, Environmental conservation, Poverty alleviation through economic empowerment to the most vulnerable people, Capacity building to the community which were implemented with notable successes.

TADEPA Core Values

Core Values Enacted values statements
Transparency TADEPA shall at all times uphold as one of its core values, full openness to its members, beneficiaries and partners, with respect to its processes, operations, actions and outcomes
Accountability TADEPA shall at all times uphold as one of its core values accountability to its members, the intended beneficiaries and the donor community
Collective Action and Responsibility TADEPA and its all relevant organs shall at all times strive to represent the collective view of its members, after making the necessary consultations and shall expect its members and its representatives to at all times jointly take responsibility for the positions, views and actions taken in the name of TADEPA
Mutual Respect TADEPA shall at all times accord respect to its members and partners and shall in turn expect reciprocal treatment from them
Fair Dealing TADEPA is committed to the Value of fair dealing and will not be party to exploitative arrangements that do not take cognizance of this value and that do not respect the rights of all parties and their target communities.
Equity and Gender Parity TADEPA is committed to the elimination of marginalization of individuals and people, due to their gender, origin or social status. It will at all times work towards the achievement of equity and gender parity in the designing of policies, programmes and in the allocation of resources
Participation TADEPA shall at all times aspire towards full, equal and meaningful involvement of its members and beneficiaries in the designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Forum’s and programmes, at all levels of decision making
Voluntarism and Service above Self TADEPA shall at all times expect its members and employees to be primarily motivated by a compulsion and commitment to uphold human rights and a philanthropic spirit to serve the under privileged and not their own interests, financial or otherwise.
Respect for human rights TADEPA shall at all times uphold and promote principle of human rights. In its dealing with members, its staff and the public at large, it shall respect their human rights. This will give it the moral right to expect it of its members, its staff, the Government of Tanzania and its law enforcement organs, the international community and all other development partners
Commitment In our work we will execute tasks with high spirit of voluntarism without being pushed with integrity and high standards
Spirit of self reliance To make the individual staff believe on the spirit of self reliance and strengthening sustainability of our Organization by proper use of available resources and we shall inspire the same to the communities we work with.
Self criticism and changes We shall recognize the value of individual’s diversity and at the same time inculcate the culture of self criticism through giving and receiving feedback. We recognize change is inevitable for a learning Organization hence we will encourage change in our endeavors as we believe it is the source of development to our Organization and the community we work with.
Cost consciousness and creativity Organization ensure that staff are well imparted with relevant cost accounting and instill the sense of cost consciousness and institute the same in the Organization’s financial regulations, procedures and other policies.
Networking We believe that development is brought about through combined efforts of different stakeholders hence capitalizing on the synergy. Therefore TADEPA will strive to network with other Multi-stakeholders.
Self respect/Dignity We believe on self respect/dignity to the level of organization, individual and the same to the communities we work with.
Care for environment We believe on environment conservation as the way of achieving sustainable life.
Information sharing For more transparency and Organization updates the workers will share the information they have as much as they can so as to ensure strong team spirit.