About us


Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA) is a Tanzania non-governmental organization (NGO) with neutral offices in Kagera region was formed and registered in 1997 under the Trustees Incorporation Ordnance of 1956. TADEPA acquired a certificate of compliance of June 2005 under the new Tanzania NGO Act of 2002 and in 2009 TADEPA was mandated to work in Tanzania mainland. The main purpose of TADEPA is to enhance development in totality and fight against HIV/AIDS and its integrated effects. TADEPA’s approaches are through participation of beneficiaries in the identification of their problems and look for solutions. TADEPA has been running different interventions since 2001 with remarkable achievements and impacts. TADEPA has a proven record of accomplishing different projects through involvement and participation of community members.

Mission Statement

An organization committed to enable the community particularly vulnerable segment of population in Tanzania to improve their livelihood through active participation in development work.

Vision Statement

Healthy, Wealthy and Just Community.