Core Values

1. Finance Manager

TADEPA shall at all times uphold as one of its core values, full openness to its members, beneficiaries and partners, with respect to its processes, operations, actions and outcomes.

2. Accountability

TADEPA shall at all times uphold as one of its core values accountability to its members, the intended beneficiaries and the donor community.

3. Collective Action and Responsibility

TADEPA and its all relevant organs shall at all times strive to represent the collective view of its members, after making the necessary consultations and shall expect its members and its representatives to at all times jointly take responsibility for the positions, views and actions taken in the name of TADEPA.

4. Mutual Respect

TADEPA shall at all times accord respect to its members and partners and shall in turn expect reciprocal treatment from theme.

5. Fair Dealing

TADEPA is committed to the Value of fair dealing and will not be party to exploitative arrangements that do not take cognizance of this value and that do not respect the rights of all parties and their target communities.

6. Equity and Gender Parity

TADEPA is committed to the elimination of marginalization of individuals and people, due to their gender, origin or social status. It will at all times work towards the achievement of equity and gender parity in the designing of policies, programmes and in the allocation of resources.

7. Participation

TADEPA shall at all times aspire towards full, equal and meaningful involvement of its members and beneficiaries in the designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Forum’s and programmes, at all levels of decision making.

8. Voluntarism and Service above Self

TADEPA shall at all times expect its members and employees to be primarily motivated by a compulsion and commitment to uphold human rights and a philanthropic spirit to serve the under privileged and not their own interests, financial or otherwise.

9. Respect for human rights

TADEPA shall at all times uphold and promote principle of human rights. In its dealing with members, its staff and the public at large, it shall respect their human rights. This will give it the moral right to expect it of its members, its staff, the Government of Tanzania and its law enforcement organs, the international community and all other development partners.

10. Commitment

In our work we will execute tasks with high spirit of voluntarism without being pushed with integrity and high standards.

11. Spirit of self reliance

To make the individual staff believe on the spirit of self reliance and strengthening sustainability of our Organization by proper use of available resources and we shall inspire the same to the communities we work with.

12. Self criticism and changes

We shall recognize the value of individual’s diversity and at the same time inculcate the culture of self criticism through giving and receiving feedback. We recognize change is inevitable for a learning Organization hence we will encourage change in our endeavors as we believe it is the source of development to our Organization and the community we work with.