According to TADEPA's Constitution Article Five (5) The membership of TADEPA shall be open to individuals and Registered Organizations/CBOs that abide to the constitution of TADEPA.

  • Membership Categories
  • Individual membership:
  • This shall be open to individuals above the age of maturity who will be interested to join TADEPA.
  • Associate/Affiliate Membership:
  • There shall be Associate/Affiliate Membership that shall be open to NGOs, Voluntary Development Organizations (VDOs) and CBOs registered in Tanzania and ready to abide to TADEPA constitution.
  • Honorary Membership:
  • Honorary Membership shall be open to Organizations or individuals who would have rendered remarkable services or secured benefits to TADEPA by either rendering advisory services, securing financial assistance in the form of endowments, gifts, or donations and any other well placed personalities whose membership would be beneficial to TADEPA.

For more information download the TADEPA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM in PDF Format and read all the required information after printing! You may send your application to the following contacts:

  • Postal Address: P.O. BOX. 1603, BUKOBA, TANZANIA.
  • e-mail: tadepaprojects@gmail.com
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    Dr. Jonathan Steven - The Executive Director TADEPA

    The establishment of TADEPA

    TADEPA was established by the national staff who were employed by Medicins Du Monde (MDM) an internal organisation from Paris, France. This organization came to Kagera after the outbreak of HIV in Kagera,Tanzania.

    Medicine Du Monde was conducting HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Care in Kagera since 1992. Apart from HIV/ AIDS Prevention and care actvities, MDM built the capacity of the staff in dealing with HIV/ AIDS issues through national, international workshops, attending national and international conferences. For this reason, the local staff gained a very wide experience in the field of HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Care.

    When MDM was planning to close its services in Kagera, the local staff came up with an idea of establishing alocal NGO which should make a continuation of MDM activities. The idea was fully supported by MDM, which we term a "Mother NGO." of TADEPA.

    TADEPA was established and officially registered as an NGO in June 1997, under the Trusteeship Ordinance. With the support from MDM,TADEPA started to implement its own programmes in 2001. MDM continued to support TADEPA as adonor and provided frequent technical advices until when MDM closed its offices in Kagera Region.

    TADEPA appreciates the great support from MDM as it bought a house for TADEPA, the present offices of TADEPA and furnished the offices including computers and communication systems. Donated two(2) Toyota Vehicles and electric generators.

    TADEPA has the capacity of solicity funds from localand international donors. The organization collaborates with the government of Tanzania and the community to implement its programme activities.



    • Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention Association (TADEPA), has a working staff with different expertise, especially Primary Health Care, Reproductive Health, Human Rights Advocacy, Food Security and Nutrition.
    • TADEPA practices; Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Gender Parity, Participatory Spirit, Voluntarism, Commitment Independence, Team Work and Dignity.
    • TADEPA works with Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children
    • TADEPA has a very good relationship with the local control Government, Internationaland National NGOs/ CBOs and TADEPA beneficiaries.
    • TADEPA impliments different programmes which are funded by different donors at a time and each program has its own bank account to avoid a mixing of different accounts.
    • TADEPA calls for new members and partners topin hands together in addressing Primary Health Care Issues, Human Rights Advocacy (GBV, Child rights protection and the elderly.), Poverty, Climate Change and Food Security.
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