Our Objectives

  • To improve the quality of lives and care services among HIV/AIDS community members through provision of comprehensive prevention and care services.
  • To ensure the availability of legal rights and properties ownership among the vulnerable people such as women (widow) children (orphans) and Grand Parents through human rights advocacy.
  • To promote Public Health care programme with a wide range of community development approaches.
  • To promote social, economic and cultural sustainable development within the society through economic empowerment, sustainable agriculture, and good governance.
  • To develop and implement programmes that give assistance to children particularly Most Vulnerable Children (MVCs) and other poverty traumatized families with basic support.
  • To ensure the survival of TADEPA through different strategies for its sustainability in order to achieve the rest of its objective.
  • To ensure environmental conservation through appropriate environmental conservation means

Mission Statement

An organization committed to enable the community particularly vulnerable segment of population in Tanzania to improve their livelihood through active participation in development work.

Vision Statement

Healthy, Wealthy and Just Community.