TADEPA Projects
TADEPA was registered in June 1997, it took time for TADEPA to start implementing activities has it had no fundss. In 2010, TADEPA started to implement HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Careactivities since 2001. Apart from these activites, the organization focused also on the side effects of AIDS. This included Widows/ers, Orphans and Poverty. Therefore TADEPA Designed projects for supporting widows and orphans. These included women and children rights advocacy. Provision of Milk goats, improved seeds(Bean and Maize), Construction of rain harvesting water jars, construction of low fuel consuming stoves. TADEPA advocated environment conservation by establishing tree nurseries, tree planting, improved water sources, establishing of village fire fighting squads for the prevention of Bush fires. Nutrition and and Food Security were addressed.   The above mentioned programmes/ activities were guided by differfent donors. To mention a few; Medicins Du Monde - France, Foundation of Civil Society, Egmont Trust, FNUM Syd, Deloitte, STF/BMS, ISHI/ FHI, PSI/ COMMIT, Nile Basin.
Currently we have 5 Programmes, and these include;

Peer Education

  • Programme funded by: ICAP
Peer Educators
This programme involves People Living with HIV/ AIDS. These are used for HIV positive Prevention, Continued counselling on drug adherence, defaulters tracing psychosocial supporrt to pregnant women how to bear a child without HIV Infection (PMTCT). This Programme is funded by ICAP - Endeleza Tanzania.

Pamoja Tuwalee

This is a programme for most Vulnerable Children. This Programme child rights protection, psychosocial support, educational support with school needs, including school fees, Nutrition and Health.

School Health

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This programme targets Primary SchoolChildren in capacity building to school committee members and parents on their roles, HIV Prevention, Reproductive Health, Malaria, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation.

Malaria Project

This Programme addresses Malaria Prevention by sleeping under the insectcide treated mosquito nets; In door Residual Spraying, the use of SP tabs by pregnant women and seeking for intermediate medical care and the use of .........